Puissant Angel

Yvonne Schultz, B.A.Sc., P.Eng

Puissant Angel

The story of an ordinary young woman who transforms into an extraordinarily powerful angel - a paranormal fantasy that explores the scientific concepts behind dark energy, the unobservable universe, and other unexplained phenomena.

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Puissant Angel was chosen as one of the top entries in the
2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

Puissant Angel

Elle is about to turn eighteen when her ordinary life starts to undergo extraordinary upheavals. She soon learns that the small onyx stone, passed down from her mother after her death, has special powers unique to her. But the evil Dream Master has plans to steal the stone and grow his own power enough to control both the observable and unobservable universes. Armed with the power to freeze and even reverse time, he is a formidable foe. As Elle struggles to thwart Dream Master’s plans, she discovers there are other angels with incredible gifts who have been helping her all along. 

Elle’s life is already complicated enough when the legendary White Stone of Nullification resurfaces after a long, unexplained absence. It threatens to cancel out all angelic powers in the universe, like antimatter cancelling out normal matter. Will the stone help Elle become the next all powerful Puissant Angel or will it nullify her powers, along with the powers of every other angel in the universe? With these potentially disastrous consequences of its reappearance, the enigmatic White Stone adds a twist to this tale’s ending.

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Under development: The next novel of The Puissant Angel Series: Decoding Witchcraft

See some of the paintings in the novel:

Chapter 9: Too Much to Bear

Puissant Angel

Lemon Turquoise by Catherine Gutsche

“…her Lemon Turquoise painting was expressive in its use of only four main colours, lemon yellow, progressive green and plain white in a turquoise background. The colours were bold and vibrant, resembling Marlene’s youthful years. The formation of an expressive yellow ring embellished with a green accent and overlaid with white strokes reminded Marlene of the group camp fire she sat in front of in one unforgettable summer. The slim white lines in the painting were deliberate and thoughtful, making her contemplative every time she rested her eyes on them.

Chapter 16: Their First Date

Puissant Angel

Poppies in the Wind by Catherine Gutsche

“…a beautiful painting, delightfully titled Poppies in the Wind. The array of colours in the painting accentuated the rich colours in Elle’s refreshing coral-coloured dress. The brightly-hued poppies in the abstract painting were floating in the wind, as if they were leaving behind fragrant trails for one to mesmerize. Flamingo pink, canary yellow, turquoise blue and a touch of scarlet red inaugurated a vivacious rhythm to the eclectic restaurant. 

For the complete art collection by Catherine Gutsche, go to www.catherinegutsche.com.


Author biography

Yvonne Schultz is a Project Management Professional and a Professional Engineer registered in the province of Ontario. Her engineering background drives her to find scientific explanations for unexplained phenomena and her interest in metaphysics persuades her to explore the esoteric world. When she is not overwhelmed with IT consulting, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. Yvonne and her family live in Markham, Ontario.

 To contact the author, email: YvonneYSchultz@yahoo.com

Yvonne Schultz


Comments About Puissant Angel

Thank you whole-heartedly for your comments! And here are some of them:

“I have been reading Yvonne’s book and find it really good.  I hope she is working on a sequel!”

By Rob W, Oman

“I just had to tell you that I read Puissant Angel while on vacation. Good work! I quite enjoyed it. It surprised me.”

Cathy W, Kinburn, ON (Canada)

To create all these characters and keep the story line exciting. Great job Yvonne! You kept me interested from the beginning to the end. So when is Elle next adventure?

By Robert T, Kanata, ON (Canada)